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Joshua Yearout

Ashtanga Yoga Naples is not about a fancy studio or charismatic teachers but a potent, therapeutic and transformative Yoga Practice. Our students come from every walk of life and our teachers are highly experienced, skilled and devoted to creating a safe learning space that will inspire you. Ashtanga Yoga views each student as unique and this comes through in our teaching style and classes. Instead of guiding a group of students together through the same practice, we utilize the Mysore classroom to teach students individually in a communal setting. New students are taught a short sequence of breath, posture and movement according to their individual ability. As they become comfortable with what they have learned additional poses may be added or a teacher may assist and refine those poses that have already been learned. This process encourages a slow and sustainable growth which systematically heals and balances the body and mind, developing focused awareness and eventually meditative insight.