Moving Prayer

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Moving Prayer
Jess Glenny
London Greenwich

Astanga vinyasa, yin yoga, Phoenix Rising yoga therapy and authentic dance in south-east London and beyond.


While maintaining the inherent form and dynamism of the astanga practice, I take a gentle and undogmatic approach to what is probably the most challenging type of yoga in terms of strength and flexibility, encouraging practitioners to listen to their body, honour their emotions and relate their experience on the mat to their whole life. My intention in adjusting (physically moving a body into alignment or more deeply into a posture) is to be as sensitive as possible to the receiver’s responses, so that each adjustment can facilitate the individual person on the mat appropriately.


For me, however dynamic its form, yoga is first and foremost a meditation. Its particular strength and beauty as a tool of awareness is that it works through the body and therefore has the potential to move us directly into states of consciousness that exist beneath the level of the cognitive mind. Central to this process is the ongoing enquiry into what it means to be ‘on the edge’, perhaps best described as a situation in which we can increase our understanding and gain greater insight into the nature of our being. I encourage practitioners to take responsibility for exploring their own edge and relating to it skilfully, so that the practice becomes a tool of self-enquiry and expansion.


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Jess Glenny