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927 N Pennsylvania Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
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The Yoga Shala
Monica Stone
927 North Pennsylvania Avenue
Winter Park

With a background in gymnastics, it was no surprise that Monica was drawn to dynamic movements and energy that yoga offered. After trying many styles of yoga, Ashtanga found Monica in the midst of her college years and she was not only satisfied by the intensity of the physical practice, but also found that it also afforded a deeper experience that lies within. She knew that she wanted to continue to deepen her practice, and become a teacher so that she could share the gift of this practice with others.


Monica practices six days a week and is currently working with Krista Shirley on an apprenticeship. She enjoys attending workshops with other senior teachers to learn the history of the practice, and is looking forward to many trips to India to connect with the traditional lineage.


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Monica Stone