Systematic course for beginners and advanced - you can learn how to start and cultivate a meditation practice. You can also find a way to overcome stress and difficulties in daily life.

AYInstitute Ulm

Tuesday 19.00

Course starts on September 18th!



You can join this class as an AYI practice member or use half class from your 10 card or your 12 times course.

How exactly do you meditate? What are the benefits of meditation? How to overcome the difficulties during meditation? How to apply the meditation techniques in daily life? These are questions that I asked myself many times before having a regular meditation practice.

Growing a meditation practice is like growing plants – we need good seeds, soil, water, fertilizer, a fence to protect our tiny sprout. Like plants, children and relationships the meditation will reflect the effort we invest in it.

I would love to share my experience on these matters, as in the last year I have done 3 Vipassana meditation retreats (10 days silent meditation) and developed a steady self meditation practice since then, meditating each day, morning and evening.

Class structure - 45 minutes

  • Introduction in the subject of the day
  • Explaining the meditation technique – Anapana
  • Silent Meditation – Anapana (10 minutes)
  • Explaining the meditation technique – Metta
  • Silent Meditation – Metta (10 minutes)
  • Sharing the experience – group talk
  • Questions, Answers, wrapping up the meditation session


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